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Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles

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Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles

Julia Blue

On June 9, 2019, Ukrainian Art Center was pleased to present the Southern California Premier of the lm JULIA BLUE, which is a love story set in modern day, post-revolutionary Ukraine between Julia, an idealist student activist and wounded soldier fresh from the war-front. UAC will also hosted a very special post premier Question & Answer session with writer/director RoxyToporowych and producer Nilou Sa nya. 


Annual Pysanka Festival 2019

On Sunday, April 7th, the Annual Pysanka Festival was held at the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles.  It was by far one of the most successful and well-attended events.

Also participating were representatives from the City.  Angie Aramayo from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office presented certificates to Walt Zozula, President of U.C.C. and Daria Chaikovsky, President of U.A.C..     Mitch O’Farrell, District 13 Councilmember together with his Field Deputy George Hakopians were in attendance and presented their beautifully designed certificates as well as financially supporting Pysanka by providing tables for all the vendors. Mr. O’Farrell was very impressed by the spirited performances, all the unique vendors and the  diverse cultural attendance.   U.A.C.  also received a certificate of commendation from Supervisor Sheila Kuehl delivered personally by her Field Officer Fernando Morales.  Also in attendance was Jenny Amaya from Promise Zone Arts who shared with all the Promise Zone Cultural Treasures Program.  U.A.C. is one of the selectees  designated as a  Cultural Treasure for 2019.  

We were revisited by John Palance with his wife and beautiful daughter Ivanna.  John was presented a special gift of an extraordinary goose Pysanka from Ukraine as a token of our affection and appreciation for their support.

The Pysanka Festival was a joint effort between Ukrainian Art Center and Ukrainian Culture Center, with the financial support of ACTA  (Alliance for California Traditional Arts)  -  which provided a grant for our Pysanka Workshop in the capable hands of our Master Artist Adriana Wrzesniewski.   Jennifer  Jameson from ACTA came and was introduced to the pysanka art process.  The U.A.C.  workshop was attended by participants of all ages.  This was the first of four workshops being funded by ACTA.   The next three will include Embroidery,  Straw  Arts,  and Culinary  Arts.   Dates will be announced in the near future, or you can request info and register with U.A.C.

Pysanka Festival was a team effort – those that came forward to commit many hours of their precious time.  THANK YOU ALL!

Jack Palance Centennial

On March 3rd, 2019, we celebrated famed actor and proud Ukrainian Jack Palance! We were honored to have his brother John Palance and his daughter help us celebrate with amazing stories of Jack’s life and career.
Thank you to all that attended! Thank you to the UAC team and congratulations on working so hard to create this wonderful show. A special thank you to our MC- George Wihinny for all his work and details to pull all this off! We all deserve a little break and then very shortly we will jump back in and start working on our next project! 

2017 Tribute to Kvitka Cisyk

No matter what language, Kvitka’s music reached all barriers! If you enjoyed a jingle or two back in the ‘80’s or hummed along to You Light Up My Life and just enjoy fascinating background on musicians and singers, come on over! We will have light refreshments as part of your entrance fee. We will also have a raffle! Come help support the Ukrainian Art Center of Los Angeles !


Thank you to everyone that attended the UAC’s Tribute to Kvitka Cisyk! It was a wonderful turnout and support! I have to say that the event was just beautiful! Thank you to all that performed ! Just beautiful. The videos were amazing and touching. It truly brought a tear to my eye... I am so proud to be part of this organization and to be able to help to put together a beautiful and meaningful event! 

2017 Production of Majestic Woman - Lesia Ukrainka

Ukrainian Culture Center of Los Angeles

The Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Culture Center would like to congratulate the board, members, and volunteers of  the Ukrainian Art Center for their successful production of Majestic Woman - Lesia Ukraine. 

It has been over 50 years since Ukrainian national poet Lesia Ukrainka has been honored at the Ukrainian Culture Center and yesterday's program was absolutely magnificent and truly worthy to be called a Hollywood production. 

UCC would also like to extend a very heartfelt warm congratulations to the Director of the Ukrainian Art Center Daria Chaikovsky along with Artistic Directors Asya Gorska and Victoria Kusina who spearheaded this effort and whose creativity and vision made the production a reality.  

The combined use of film, dance, poetry readings, and a live actress to portray Lesia proved to be phenomenally successful as the attendees felt they were transported back in time to the 1900's as the poems came to life to unfold and tell the story of Lesia's short but tumultuous life.

The Ukraine Culture Center and others in Southern California will look forward to other productions by the Ukrainian Art Center celebrating other artists. 

IYF Cultural Fair 2017 Los Angeles

Check out this great video of the IYF Cultural Fair 2017! We had the pleasure to represent Ukraine and join other countries in sharing our culture and traditions with each other and the Los Angeles community. Sponsored and organized by the International Youth Fellowship, visitors were able to travel the world in one day.